Monday, March 08, 2010

I hope things turn out well

My Grandfather (Dad’s Dad) suffered a stroke on Friday Morning.  it was a blood clot.. He’s currently recovering in the surgery My dad along with my grandma and his sisters and his uncle went to see him (grandpa) while in ICU as well as in recovery.  while in ICU he stopped breathing on his own. at that time my dad assumed that his body was getting ready to shut down on him. fortunately he woke up talking about God and the Bible as usual..

The man is in his 80’s and has seemed to be in great health. and witth this happening makes it seem like Time is gaining on him.

All we can do is pray that he stays in good health from now on..

I could only imagine how my dad is feeling about this.. it’s scary man.. 5 years ago.. my mom’s dad  passed in may… that was hard…. even afterwards with other situations within our family…

We don’t know right now if my grandfather will be able to take care of himself properly. I hope he does have the strength..

wow man.. just wow..

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