Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Panic Button?, What people Blamed Myspace for is now about to Kill Facebook. as private as faceook allows you to be about ur profile information. They’re adding a Panic button now so that people can report members when they feel like they’re being targeted.

There’s Already a “Report This User” and a Block User” thing on the bottom of the pages. So Why a Panic Button?  A Girl Gets Murdered and Because she actually met the person she was talking to on the site, they’re blaming The site… That ain’t right. That’s the girls fault. .. yeah it may be harsh to blame the Victim. but in this case she knew who she was dealing with. you don’t have to allow people to see your info on facebook… its SIMPLE…

Had the Panic Button been there, She would not have pressed it anyway!.
There are Sexual Predators All Over the Internet.  here have been  Myspace Cyberbullying, Murders. Kidnappings & rapes starting 5 years ago…Even with Myspace updating Privacy settings did no justice…

Next were' going to be seeing Twitter Kidnappings! .. people use these sites for all kinds of stuff.   In Fact. After something Happens like this, it tends to make the site more popular..
You know what a Panic Button is going to do. It’s Cause HUNDREDS OF FALSE ARRESTS! why? because people will be pressing this button just because they don’t want to read peoples statuses.. They do that kind of thing..

IMO the panic button should be an all-in-one Blocker if that's the case.. it shouldn't be used to contact local authorities at all… THAT should be up to the person to do Via PHONE if they feel threatened.  

That's All I really have to say about that for now.
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