Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm good for the day

Yeah Man, I'm sitting here Bloggin' after a long day yesterday (even after yesterdays "Power Nap") I was Tired. Today I didn't have to watch my nephew so I slept til about 2:30... and it was the person I wanted to talk to...  and that made my day. She'll be calling back later.  In a way, I wish I had more going on my way to tell her. otherwise The reason I don't call is because i don't have anything to talk about. Therefore she makes the convo.

As for me, I just like to sit there and listen... *ahh*.. lol

She called me today just to let me know what she was upto.Right now She's a Prospect to a certain NFL Cheering Squad, so she was just telling me about a workshop and some things she recently attended regarding that. I Hope she makes it.

Other than that, she was telling me about some pics on her facebook page regarding her hair and what they accept on that squad . I haven't went to look yet, but i will *lol*  Which brings me to this...The Other day on her fb status box she asked if she was insecure. She's not as far as relationships go, that doesn't worry her until something happens that's obvious. but maybe she's insecure with herself about her own abilities and sometimes self image..otherwise she's strong-like-bull.. LOL

But Hey!..that's my hunnie though... I'm usually glad when she calls because we don't talk often. she even mentioned how its been since about march 6th since the last time we talked.. Through out the Fall. we talk nearly every day. This past fall as well as winter was a busy one so there wasn't much talkin', yet alot of good convo came out of that. .. If I can't get to her man, I'd sure enjoy being with somebody like her.. and like i said It's just the small things that make my day. callin me up and when i answer its like this.."heeeey Book, I miss yoooou!".. *BIG GRIN* .. it's the smaller things in life that make me feel appreciated.

.. I'm Good for now..
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