Friday, March 26, 2010

This Is My #FakeDrake Break. Toyota.

So I’m on Twitter and I see this Tag for #FakeDrake along with that and seeing the Nil Doctrine’s blog, Prompted me to make This Entry..  as said in his blog, people are using this tag as a way to poke fun at Drakes Rap style.

Aside from that, I wont be giving you my favorite existing tags as is on The Nil Doctrine. I’m gonna sit up here and Make up a few of my own.  Fake Drake Lyrics  Although He’s done that already too LOL

Here Goes.. (as said by Myself: @CommandPromt)
  • Cut Myself and Had to get a Stitch Lilo.
  • Autographed Picture, I’m A Star. Ringo
  • ….Gave the dog a bone. Bingo
  • Just started a biz at The Mall, Pepto
  • 500 Miles to The Beach. Daytona
  • Saved By the Bell Like Screech. Persona.
  • Party’s Over so I’m About to shake, Martini
  • Hungry, So I Picked up a Pizza. Digiorno
  • I Don’t have a Friend Name Lamont, Rilo
  • Feelin’ Kinda Fly, Mosquito
  • Gotta Put My Books On a Shelf, Reeding Rainbow
  • Told My Girl Not to Cut Her Hair, Rapunzel
  • Keeps It Clean So She Wear A Pad, Brillo
  • Gotta Get Them Drugs Off The Streets, OHIO!
LOL.. Okay I Quit for Now.  It’s not That Hot, But it’s hot Enough.. Drake’s Real Lyrics are Funny..I’m Out
The Book
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