Friday, March 26, 2010

Too Much In March

A Girl, Her Kids and Her Sister were murdered in there home.  (Link at Nola).  I Really Don’t know what to day about It other than it’s Sad to that it’s just That Bad out here.

Which Brings Me to Today there was a Quadruple shooting today… for some odd reason I think It may something to do with the murder of those girls.  Otherwise all together it’s just Sad.

There’s Also a situation in the news where a guy Killed a Man in Self Defense after an attempted Robbery. Not Sure how it all works behind Closed Doors, but they’re asking for victims of the Now deceased Criminal to come forth.  .. . i guess that’s to have it on file.. i don’t know..

As for the guy who crashed into the industrial canal. may his soul rest in peace. I don’t know what’s up with that situation other than the fact that it was likely that he was trying to get to his home. I think he should have known that the bridge was up and being worked on though.

There was also A Murder that day… don’t know what that was about but its sad…

Other than that you had Phil Johnson and Marva Wright passed in the same day.. Wow Rest In Peace to Both Legends at what they did.

… There were other Other things happened Locally that was crazy. but man.. today was just one of them Days..

It’s just wild man…

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