Friday, March 12, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

I’m watching this show today and Emmitt Smith is on, He found the origin of his black side and I swear man it makes me want to do serious research on my moms side .. my Grandma’s parents

and on my Dads side, my Grandfathers parents.

The thing is though. to think of all four grand parents would be hard. because for me, I came up as a Sanchell we’ve only known our family as “Sanchell and Shanchell”  That my Mothers, Grandfathers last name.

I know that because of my grandmothers birth certificate. what’s wild is that, According to His name is spelled Sanchell. But written on my grandmothers birth certificate. it’s spelled Sanchell.  it’s not confusing to Me. but to know that the name dates back to the 1800’s According to Ancestry is amazing. as well.

I see names Like Leon  Sanchell who was born in about 1837 from Quebec Canada, who resided in Chicago in 1880   .. it may be connected to the Family in New Orleans… which have seemed to begin here in the 1880’s according to

There’s also Montgomery, Iowa in the 1870’s. and  also a 1927 death  in Adair, Kentucky  there’s even an unmarked Sanchell with no first name Marionette Wisconsin.. 

so with this said.. I’ll take an educated guess and assume that the origin of my family  black in N.O began with the slave trade (duh) .. or maybe they were those who were Immigrants of England who came thru to Quebec and from there came to America and since then have made there way down.. 

thats an educated guess. what's left of Our family is really close knit… and i guess its because of my grandmas parents. and from what i know, they were a mixed breed . and my great grandads accent was heavy.. I could only imagine. ya know.

The name’s Fading out but hey thats life..

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