Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Gotta Put'em in The "Shop"

I Don't remember If I wrote about this or not, but I found that the motherboard wasn't the problem. The PC needs a new power box.  we're gonna get it fixed and maybe upgrade it to Windows 7. That'll work for me!

We bought a new PC, and we have serious problems with it already. the Tip of the Audio jack got stuck inside the input adapter. so we have to get that fixed or else Sound will be low FOREVER! lol... my dad attempted at taking it out and got GANKED  when he realized that its not something he can fix.. I tried tellin'em but nobody listens to the man that knows about these things.. LOL

Today I got a new chest of drawers or "Chestadraw's" like  my we say it ..LOL.. Now I have to make MOVES! lol

yeh man.. that's all
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