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Social Timeline in mind.

Okay, In this entry I’ll break it down on both my Facebook and Twitter activity. which will mainly include my status changes and reactions as of late amongst other things which are currently in my timeline.

This entry may be lengthy but there are many random subjects at hand. a

~with that said, here we go…


So I heard these words "This line of Victoria's Secret swimsuits were made for ethnic bodies".. What makes a Body Ethnic If everyone's part of an ethnic group?

I’ve talked about something like that in an older entry. I just want to get peoples reactions. because as i said, I feel that you have to be more direct when mentioning ethnicity.  Eventually the woman mentioned Beyonce and Kim Kardashian having the body type for the swimwear.

Bailouts and Breakdowns

Notice How These Car companies and recent car models are failing.  Soon there will be one distributor of all Car Bands & Models, Creating massive amounts of Horrible Cars. It’s the same as the banks. Many Fail and Chase grows larger.  It’s NWO

That’s not the actual post I wrote, but its basically the same thing. when Chrysler and GM failed they wanted to be bailed out. eventually Toyota had their recalls on Models, now Lexus and Mazda are too.  The Irony of it was a comment saying that Lexus was a premium line of Toyota. and another stating that Ford owns shares in Mazda.. WOW!


Oscar Brown Jr – Dat Dere.

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window, or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

This Quote came in place only a day after a dude tried to blast on me about my Photo Album which related to the Illuminati. He felt that I was just taking a jab at freemasonry. that was part of it but I had to Defend the photo album on my part too.  Mainly as it relates to Subliminal messages. I’ll explain Later on in colored buttoned text.

Before that Status was The day my grandfather passed My status said this

..Talk about the shock value .. Life and it's changes.

That was the only thing I said Via Facebook in regard to my grandfathers passing. Otherwise I’ve addressed only in the previous blog entries here. Anything else was offline contacts other than Cydney. I told her because her mom grew up with my father. and she probably knows my dads dad too. ya know.


Subliminally Challenged

I Have this Photo Album called “Subliminal – what you see is not always what you get. Complete with images that identify with Illuminati Symbolism. The things we would see on a normal day and think nothing of. when they’re only there to let you know that They’re Everywhere. Yes its part of the Theory behind the NWO Conspiracy. and I knew I’d make people who are part of Masonic Groups get defensive at some point. but I wasn’t doing it for that reason. Even my boy Josh replied to a few of the posts made and He’s a Freemason.

Generally when folks speak of the Illuminati and NWO, Masonry falls in place eventually.  the guys who came to defend masonry isn’t on a high enough level to realize. I was talking about the whole concept in general which includes Hundreds of Organizations.  not just the one he’s part of.

They came at me basically  one saying how  laughs at people who do fear it.  Well IMO. I feel like this, I don’t fear it. I fear GOD.  I grew up noticing it Everywhere and I always wanted to know how it connected and therefore i researched to make sense out of it all. and due to what I have learned while researching that info. as well as connecting it to the bible and bible prophesy and its teachings.  everything sort of falls in place evenly.  Biblically its like speaking of the rapture. Secularly  you’re speaking of  One World Government and Brainwashing. but like i said.. it all falls in place at some point.

Well, Here goes Nothing…  I  recently posted These pics below with on facebook they all had descriptions, eventually folks replied.



Those are just a few complete with symbolism… Eventually It Sparked these Replies and The Argument under my album. (Direct cut & paste)

  • C. Johnson: Point blank period tha devil is everywhere! If u believe n god than u shouldn't worry abt nuthin...
  • Milton: lol.......anit Masonic conspiracies make me laugh, if you really wanna get into subliminal READ A BIBLE!!!....then pick a random religion.... Then "TRY" to figure out why the messages are the SAME...
    -------LIGHT bringer
  • ME: Thats where it all begins.
  • Milton: lol some what, but you might wanna Check a "timeline" look @ an Ankh then look at a cross , then back @ the ankh ..... THEN back @ me .... im on a horse...
  • Mike W: Not only that...but a LOT of pre-Christian symbols and stories seem to...pop back up. As well as the Catholic Church..."borrowing" oh lets say just about everything from Mithraism. But people don't like to talk about that. I guess it's just easier to believe Masons control the world.
  • Milton: yea thats y i giggle when folks are scared of masonry and the "Illuminati" (wat ever that is)............the TRUTH is scary but FEAR = Ignorance
  • ME:  Im not trying to make anybody believe that it... my point is to allow people to be aware of what's around them. (such as that Upside down cross the pope wears on his head or the star of David..)
    This whole thing is about products and how they persuade they are manipulative in our decision making when hidden in plain sight. Illuminati references and although there are members of Illuminati bloodlines with Masonic ties It's not the same thing.
    as it all relates to the bible, as it relates to the N.W,O. as it relates to Bible prophesy regarding the end times...
    It as always a good thing to be aware of what you're around.
    otherwise a person who thinks inside the box will never break the fourth wall and see the obvious.
  • Mike W: This is also true
  • Alicia: im confused with the whole thing...i hav heard stories but i need explanations lol about the whole illumnati theory
  • ME:  Universal Mind Control. using the entertainment industry to keep us distracted while they (the Illuminati families) make big business decisions to get closer to one world government. Aside from that they will fight each other, sue each other, buy each other out etc. to Build Bigger corporations For example until theres only 1 Big Distributer to control EVERYTHING ....
    For Example The United Nations coming to the aid of every Disaster in the world ... or G20 make Decisions to better their Nations and World Relations..
    to get closer to a New World Order ... ... See More
    World Government. Sounds like a great idea ... but he Concept and theory is that this..
    (yeah it all gets CRAZY at this point but i'll explain)
    The US Constitution will be Voided. Imperialism or capitalism are likely to reign over the world. folks wont like a Dictatorship for government. they will protest & it will cause Mayhem in the streets...
    Martial law will likely be thrown in. people with either do as told or get thrown in FEMA camps. or get killed.
    Example: After Katrina happened People were forced out, jailed or killed had they stayed. in fact every time theres a bad hurricane the police jail anyone who is spotted outside their homes.
    It's crazy to think like that.. but its possible... (lol i know this was TOO MUCH to be reading.. but yeah)


I know that as the album grows more comments are to come.  I seem to be one of the few people amongst my facebook friends bold enough to discuss it online while knowing I’m connected to them. Many wont like it, and if they do decide to take me off their lists because of it. its because they’re guilty of joining these orgs blindly because once they got in. they found the truth about what their orgs represent. on a larger scale.

I myself has nothing against a single member. but I will not congratulate you upon joining something that I don’t believe is “Light”. so to speak.

With that said, I do follow the history Original Masons which are The Moors of Kemet. but that’s another story..

Status Update @ 4:15 Wednesday

When we are strong to take trouble, we prove that we believe. When we prove that we believe, we have hope. - Romans 5:4 (World Wide English Version)

KJV Says perseverance, character; and character, hope" same difference.

Earlier That day
Contrary to what you may have heard, Umaga is a principle of Kwanzaa

I Found This Pic of Sarah T. Reed’s band prior to 1998 online Recenly.

other statuses

"hey you're from New Orleans, Do You Know Voodoo? .. ...*YEAH BOOGAHBOOGAHBOOGAH!!!* .. Don't ask me that dumb junk..

Everybody complains when theres a visible camera around... but nobody complains when Big Brother stops by... because they can't see

Cheddar Killing Bear

Anything from here on out is ny twitter posts  Most of it is Fairly Useless Randomness

  • ...I remember when Purple was a color of the Rainbow. they eventually replaced it with Indigo
  • I honestly think its funny that they came to defend their org when i made no direct reference to it...
  • Through the Ten Commandments the rulers and the rich live while the poor suffer and die.” (Holy Qur’an: Chap. 46:6, 7)
  • Lol I like when they get angry... Its funny to me.. Lol
  • Instead of getting high on drugs, why don't try getting high on life?! Oh, my god. I am officially a hundred years old. (this qoute is from Becker)
  • You Bum Right here and you bounce over dere Sponji Reggae.... AND I SEY EH'MON!
  • Re-Tweet HIDDENHAND: Trust the Government, just ask an Indian.
  • just because u have a nice figure doesn't mean that you're cute.
  • whats worse than a prostitute trying to sue for sexual harassment?
  • If you believe that you have Rights, you're wrong LOL
  • Good Evening Brothers and Sisters, I welcome You to Yes Phi No . .. The Fraternity of Indecision. LOL
  • They aint ready for the truth..
  • And I can't operate on this failure When all I want to be is Completely in command
  • Just Like Me, They Long To Be Close To You.
  • I'm from the Planetarium. What planet are you from?

LOL okay That’s Enough for now.. I’m Out

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