Thursday, April 29, 2010

So I guess that is it

There will come a time. Unfortunately its not what I though it. I Kinda Sorta expected it since last year. but I see that it’s official now. umm.. I don’t really care for that, nor can I support it 100%.  but Dang.. it’s just what it is.. In other words, I think allot of the folks do those things is like assuring that the doors  are open to more troubles in the future.  by the way certain people were contacted in recent times. i think i should have expected it to happen eventually.

With all of that said….i guess I’ll cancel my subscription to that..

See, What I’m talking about isn’t a shocker to me. but IMO it shows that people are guided by the likes of others rather than the calling of your own.  I really don’t have much else to say about it but…  .. I guess….I’ll have to take it elsewhere.  as an individual. it’s nothing.. yet the bigger picture is what matters most.

(yeah this is one of those blog entries again) .. I know what I’m talking about.. you probably don’t get any of it… 

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