Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Fro of Intimidation

Is it just me, or does everybody have something to say when a brotha with an afro walks in the room. Maybe they’re not saying anything openly, but they are saying something.
I think that people in recent times here in N.O. are so used to seeing Locked hair and dumb looking Mohawks now ‘til they think it’s funny when somebody with an afro walks in the room.

For the past 3 years I’ve noticed because I’ve gotten stared at, pointed at, talked about  laughed at.because of my Fro alone,  much of this was back in 2008 & 09 when I had the big fro,  but there’s nothing wrong with my hair.  it’s just an afro. Why is it that people want to get a secret laugh in when they see me coming. what’s so funny about my hair?

Folks have Asked if I’m trying to get a Curl or If I Perm My Hair… NO FOOL IT’S MY NATURAL HAIR!!… Even with my boys who like to rib, talk about my hair first because it’s an easy target.  why? because I’m usually the only one in the group with one. everyone else has a a low taper or as i explained a Mohawk or Locks.    don’t do Locks because my hair does not Lock like that  even if i try twisting it.  I really don’t want that anyway.

What’s in my Head?

Folks like to ask “what are you putting in your head?” .. I tell people I Don’t because at that point it usually  stops the questioning. but,  I do it’s called Shampoo and Conditioner when Washing my hair…but really, afterwards use Kemi Oyl prior to picking my hair out… but that’s nothing.  Back when I had the Huge fro after washing my hair I’d put it under a doo Rag and pick it out the next morning, but I don’t now because my fro isn’t so big I’m going to get my hair cut soon.

at this point, why does it matter to you if i put something in my head or not. because the most you will do is talk about my hair to get a laugh.  See, My thing is this too. I’m not Big on having fancy hair do to look “Cute” like many of these froot booties around here.  If i really wanted to. I could have some waves. in my head or something like that my keeping it brushed low. but I DON’T NEED TO. that’s a “pretty boy” thing. and I aint one of them. I have an Afro with about 3 inch side burns and I like my hair this way.  I’d rather do my own thing.

I think some black people are backwards when it comes to hair.  These girls go GaGa over a dude who’s hair is “Long & Permed”. yet they laugh at the fro? ...I had a Huge Fro but  for them it’s not the same.  I’m not big on hair nor hair care, but I appreciate what i have and I have to keep it up. I aint trying to kill it like some people. but on a day like today for example. I don’t get up and Just pick my fro out. I let my hair sit As is unless I'm going some where..  at that point I go get that Kemi and pick my hair out..

And Still I Don’t see why people have an issue when people with fro’s are around. Man, I’m Black and the Fro is like the Ultimate Black Hair style. Otherwise I really don’t like to go to the barber.. LOL!

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