Monday, April 12, 2010

Why is it always Voodoo

Anytime somebody writes an article about the great cultures of New Orleans, they mention Voodoo in somewhere in the headline or first paragraph. The only reason I dislike it is because it’s Stereotypical to tie Voodoo to New Orleans.

On the MTV website there’s an Article about the Premiere of “Treme” Which I’ll probably watch online because I don’t have HBO. the headline is as seen here.


That Headline makes me less interested.

I want this show to Last more than one season. K-Ville could have been better. but going with all this stereotypical stuff and not hitting it nail on the head was what made that show fall off.  as well as like the article states that It’s not going to be Cops vs Criminals in this show.

At least they’re doing this ‘Treme’ set around a normal, yet historical Neighborhood in New Orleans. and the preview looked Natural (thank god).


I gotta watch this show man! I just watched a recap of the first episode now i Need to see the full thing. .. I need HBO! lol

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