Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Capturing Life, Contributing To A Memory

imageAfter contacting me earlier via facebook; Offbeat Magazine is using my picture within today's article about the Murder of Brandon Franklin.  (Click Here for the Article)

When I take photos and record video, Not Only am I’m doing it to capture the moment,  I’m doing it for the people who make it happen. I never think of my work being put to use when tragedy strikes. Yet somehow that’s always the case.  For me,  it’s like a stamp of approval when a publication such as Offbeat Mag wants to use my work.

I Have found it necessary to continue at documenting my life while capturing the people I meet along the way.. By the way they contribute to the memory of others i know for sure It’s Worth it.

With That Being said

a few days prior to the death of Brandon, My facebook status read.

“New Orleans, Where a Mourning of Death is the Celebration of Life”

The Irony is that I was referring to the fact Many people have Jazz Funerals or a second line march after the funeral. In this particular case with Brandon being The saxophonist of a well known brass band. He will have that Honor. Not only that, Here have been Second Lining since Monday with members of other brass bands such as the Hot 8 and New Era.  Otherwise Brandon's band T.B.C. has continued to perform on the corner of Bourbon and Canal as usual.

Here’s a Video from one of the marches with TBC and Other bands.. You can Feel the Emotion.

….Life and it’s changes.

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