Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Guess It Makes you feel good, Right?

I’ve talked about this subject many times with a friend in relation to a dude I was in High School with. Regarding the way he acts and has been acting since high school. I don’t recall writing about this. but It came to mind now being that we’ll be at a Pre-Reunion Picnic real soon.

I’m guessing that on his part that it is gratifying, but for me. it’s just plain unnecessary to do.
Here’s the deal, anytime I talk to this dude he has to make a big deal out of things in which we did in the past, as they relate to recent situations.  Generally he tries to play me off as being lowly in comparison to him. Here are a few things that really Get to me, but I really can’t defend my post because some how he thinks it’s cool and to make jokes about these things in front of others.

When we were in High School, Spring of 2001 The Directors mention to me that they wanted me to take the sections lead.  Unfortunately things turned around when the director decided not to come back.  by the time the next school year started. Tramaine (the dude this is about) took it upon himself to influence our peers that he was the Leader of our Section as if this was a the greatest position on earth. 

When we were in front of females he would play me off as if  He’s the Man and I’m nobody  in comparison, giving off the impression that and that I do everything he says. That was totally false because I did as i pleased according to the guidelines of that band room.  There were situations where He wanted to march in first, or wanted an End, So I let him have it because those positions meant little to me. I really didn’t care about being seen as Head Man In Charge. because I knew that I ran things. Unlike him he needed approval by others. 

When we would be in the band room,  I was always the Section Leader, Outside of the band room He somehow claimed the title, mainly because people saw him on that end. The funny part is, that was the Co-Section leaders End he was on. I let Gerald have my end because he was a Senior Member before our time. I stood next to Tramaine to Keep the sound Balanced as well.  But when we weren’t in parade Line up I would not be near or around him because I really did not care for his antics.  There’s even a Video Via Youtube called “Where Bookman At!?”  a former member of our band yelled that same phrase because they assumed that I’d be up front because they knew I was section Leader. In the Video it’s the last parade. I didn’t really care where I was we were walking to the line up so it didn’t matter.  in that Video he’s the shorter guy up front. I’m in the back with my hat on.

How does this relate to today?

Well, Today, He still plays me off to the students at the school he teaches at. around females, or around people I know. He thinks its funny, but he doesn’t realize that it doesn’t work as well now days.  but It still gets to me, because it’s unnecessary Drama. For example. a few weeks ago He asked me, Who was Better out of the Both of us, and when I said I think I was, He caught a Fit and brought up situations where he did things and got plaudits for it. as if it really matters now.

Now he’s working as an assistant band director and think he’s the man. He also used that as something to brag about in comparison to me. I really don’t see it as that big of a deal because I.  have done what he has done and More-so. I worked with bands before, I was in a College band too, he Never attended college. yet he has the need to throw his it in my face that he is a director. Some day it’s not going to work out for him because He has no degree in the field and it’s basically a Job for him, not a career.

His students even believe that he was my section leader / that he was better than I in our days as bandsmen. when i would show up by the school he would tell them to Rib me, or to tell me something fairly disrespectful in my view. but I just play along with it to get him to chill out.

There are also times where if we are out he would say things that he thinks would embarrass me on his behalf.  yet he throws me out front to defend his post when he cant win an argument or things similar.  Another example is that He’s led a bunch of others to believe that he’s helped me to fight, or fought people on my behalf and those people think that I owe him simply based off that lie. I’ve only had handful of altercations in high school. even one with him. I’ve never asked anyone to help me or Take up for me. somehow he claims to half done these things in behalf of me though. smh.

The wild part is that, He’s always asking “how does so people know you, josh?” .. It’s because I Did / do my part and That what Matters. I don’t have to brag and boast about myself nor tear others apart to make myself look good to other people. it’s not in me.

There are times when I try to leave the dude alone because of it. For me, on that part i think he shouldn't care about that junk.  but for some reason it makes him feel good to make me out of some 2nd rate person.

Someday he’s going to realize that all  of that stuff isn’t worth it.


That’s all i have to say about that.

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