Friday, May 14, 2010

A Video Not Meant to go Viral

That Parent’s Comment alone sparked this entry.

So I’m watching Access Hollywood (or one of those shows) and they mentioned the controversy regarding a Viral Video of Kids dancing to “Single Ladies” at a Competition.  The Parents of those Girls Spoke Out.

From much of their view, as well as being someone who grew up around girls who are taught to dance in a similar fashion. I could understand that they are only doing something they were trained to do. and somewhere down the line the video was taken out of context due to some random persons views regarding their dancing and their outfits.  

I haven’t seen the full video and I really don’t need to watch it.
But I see it as a something that They are doing and that they love.  Maybe a parent should have drew the line at some of the moves and maybe the outfits, but It’s there kids and they know that what they’re doing was mint to Win a competition.

As for the recording going Viral. I have no problem with that.. But But it was one of those parents’ comments got to me..

The Video was not meant to go Viral, these girls were performing at a dance competition, not for the whole world

At this point, it sparked me  to blog. Why? Because I feel that anything Recorded is meant to be seen by the public, or else it would not have been recorded. The Popularity of the video is great publicity for those girls.  It could be the same reason they travel the world.  I don’t know why  someone would not want there talents displayed world wide.  That’s the point of taking part in these competitions. not for only personal gain, but to share the experience with everyone.

This Competition was not only done to be seen by the people who attended, if so it would not have been recorded.  It’s almost like she (the parent) took out her fury on those who recorded the footage as well as those who shared this video online.  That’s an ole school way of thinking In my opinion.

They should be happy that people are watching. maybe  they’re upset at many comments. but Everything has a downside. therefore when people critique you know and learn to see from that  persons view and Fix what may not be  100% Right in everyone's eyes.

As they stated, the girls got the moves from the Chipmunks movie.  Now if that was a bad influence why was the song and dance done there as well?  That’s a Kids Movie, these were kids doing what kids do.   I say Let them dance.. Leave them alone. They’re preparing for something that can get them into College and the Pros.. if they keep it up, they’ll make it.

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