Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Housing Comes With Rules and Regulations.


Last Night I saw the news about the former Residents of the St. Bernard Projects Protesting for fair housing once again. out if this came the discussion of rules and regulations being off the wall, aside from that they were saying that the community is Nice. IMO That’s where it should be left alone. because at that point the rules are set in place to bring upon a decent neighborhood. at the same time, It’s making former residents feel as if they’re not invited.

From what I see, Although there are many protesting for Fair housing, some people are in it just to hear themselves. or, are to poormouth about how things are not the same.  I Too Feel that they built Columbia Parc to bring in New Residents and not Tend to those living in Public Housing Prior to the storm. But I can’t complain It’s their company and they know what’s best for the community.

This Time I Caught some Backwards Thinking within the protest. There was a lady mentioning that The Community is not Columbia Parc, this Is the “St. Bernard Development Community”. It’s true that we will always acknowledge that The Area is the St. Bernard Neighborhood and Home of the Former Housing Project. It was our home and still is. We will always represent it to the fullest.  But bringing up idea that there shouldn’t be so many restrictions along with high costs is Thinking Backwards. Those people don’t need Residents Project Mentality They’re looking for people who are trying to live beyond the Mentality of the Past.

Just like any subdivision or private complex They have Rules and they’re being enforced. The only way you’re going to progress within that community is if you live within the rules. It’s not like a Prison, You’re not living in bondage. All you need to do is live there and try to better yourself while living comfortably.

It’s Not the Projects anymore. These people have new rules to keep their neighborhood at peace. That’s what we all want. to live in peace.  The St. Bernard wasn’t the greatest place on earth. yeah we were allowed to live freely, but that caused turmoil in the streets for many.  That's an old way of life. We got to do better than those days.

The Old St. Bernard had Many Rules.  but many were not enforced as compared to others. over time properties were damaged, and things got out of hand with the younger neighbors  because they felt that they could do what ever they want.  Why? because there was nobody enforcing the rules. 

Miss Mingo Mentioned that there’s a Curfew now…to be honest, yeah that’s too much. for a grown man or woman who may be working late hours to have a curfew. that’s unnecessary.

I honestly think that they find common ground about the rules that are currently in place. otherwise I’d rather see them do something peacefully rather than cause a disturbance within the neighborhood.

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