Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Knew I should have taken the camera.

Yesterday Kelley came in to Town. but she got here to early so she came to chill by me. I went outside to wait for her and the Landlord was out fixing on some things to get the place back up to code.  He saw Me and kept asking questions.  The Man’s Asian and doesn’t speak well English. he can understand lots of it though.. So It was maybe like 2:00, or 2:30 and we all were out the door.

She was coming from another part of the state where there were some events going on with her family. She’ll be back there later on today.  She only came to N.O. because she wanted to go somewhere and not be too bored.  and.. she had already booked the hotel a month a head of time.  so regardless of what was going on, she was going to be here.

When she got here she went online for that good hour before we went out to eat. She was looking online for the location of the Scotch House, when we got there, they weren’t taking anymore walk-ins. she expected that I’d know something about the place, I’m like Nope because I’m not from the 6th ward. and besides. I would have thought it was some kind of Club because of it’s location. (next to a rundown school building). I’ve been around there many times.   But WOW at all the Construction on Orleans between Claiborne and Broad.  the whole street is raggedy right now because of it.

She went to check in and park before we went to eat. at this point I started acting like a tourist. LOL.. I Suggested that we go to P & G but they weren’t open. I could have used a good shrimp sandwich out of there too.  Qhat I realized though is that on every other block in th CBD there’s a Quiznos. I remember when  subway was on the same street as P & G.. what ever happened to that.  I hate the idea that a Sub Chain would attempt to compete with local Po-boy shops. It just won’t work.


We Went to Big Pie Pizza which was on the same street as P & G. When I was sitting there joked out at the stuff on the menu and the fact that Kelley was asking for drinks that the girl didn’t know how to make. as well as that didn’t want Italian Sausage, yet she preferred the Ham. .. I was really joked out on one of the pizza’s names because it made me think of the Oil Spill.


We got a Medium Meat Lovers and chilled in there for a moment. When we got out, there was a car that stopped, I don’t know if the guy was talking to me but I wasn’t paying attention. He said something crazy and drove off though..  Maybe 30 minutes later (after the rain slacked up) we went out in the Quarters got some Grenades, I saw some folks gigging by Cafe Du Monde. most of them were my frat bros,  they were just finishing up and improvising until their rides come. These folks asked me about the practice we all were supposed to be.

Aside from that  Kelly and I were laughing at some of the crazies things we heard or saw.   The Sheraton caught fire, there was some man yelling “Come on down here to the Voo-Doo Mart” …his accent was funny. There was also  the guy who asked me where “Lampart” street was ..LOL i was like .. “Rampart is that way. it’s a cross street you’ll see it when you get there” ..LOL I also told her about the fact that the further you go down bourbon the gayer it gets… and she realized that. when she saw two big black heavy set dudes Switching like females.

After all that we went to chill back at the Hotel before i went back to the house.  Man I got inside and went Clean to sleep. Therefore I’m up early .. I had a good time with Kelley.. what would have been Cooler is if a crap load of my DSRT buddies were out here.

I should have taken the camera with me to capture all of this. for real.. lol

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