Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Touching on a few things

As fo the Feed, all systems are go.. well, I guess they are..LOL, but the main issue is fixed!
With that said.. my Aunt nd Uncle are in town for a graduation today.  They'll be here for a week. That's  great because they'll be able to come to the party! .. My mom decided to throw a party for my lil cousin, she's the only one in the fam graduating High School this year. she deserves it. We're basically prepping for that this whole week.
 I've been doing work around the house (outside) to prep for this stuff too... I'm about to cancel a repair job on a pc in a hot minute because of all of it.. I just wont have time..

Aside from that,  Friday I'll be attending B. Franklin's Funeral as my folks prep for my cousins party here. I may attend the repast for B. at Walker as well just for an hour or so..

Saturday I'll be Practicing with the All Star Alumni.. I hope that works out greatly..
What I NEED now is Sleep.. But i have a Nephew that has been yelling and screaming and getting in the way since 6:45am

People are asking my why wont a play in the other mass band for the funeral.. well THAT is one of  the reasons.
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