Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brandon’s Home going celebration was amazing

There’s so much that went on from the past weekend it’s just amazing. I would have taken part in this band but it doesn’t matter I was able to take part in it either way. Met some good people as well as got a chance to see some old friends because of this.

Brandon was an Amazing man, Hadn’t he died, This  whole thing wouldn’t have been able to take place. It makes many of us believe that although he died an unnecessarily tragic death,  He’s fulfilled his purpose.

I wish I would have known him as those closer to him did.  The TBC Brass Band who were  brandons pallbearer’s Lifted the Casket 3 Times prior to putting I'm in the Hurst. I have the footage. it’s an amazing thing to see that. Nobody in the history of N.O.’s marching Scene has gotten that kind of Home going.

I want to think Mr. Wil Rawlins, Eric Jones, and all those who made this happen.  In all due respect to Brandon. Thank You Brother for your time on earth as well as for bringing us together to celebrate your life.

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