Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I’m Good With It.

So Yesterday Morning I got a Message via from a Former Doll named Synae’. I was like Wow, because I didn’t really know her by name, i knew her face and that she was a standout dancer in her time on the squad and  that’s all.

She sent me a letter of appreciation as well as writing it publically on the forum to both Me and Chelsea, when I saw that I sent Chelsea a Text like “We Got Cool Points With Synae’” LOL
at first I  questioned if it was the real her. (because there were  impostors of folks in the past ) …I went to the facebook page to make sure.  .. Yep it was her!


After reading her message, I replied letting her know who I was and the reason i take part in those dance forum discussions. I appreciated it just as much as she appreciated being mentioned there.

The wild part is that I’d assume that the doll fanatics would run to the site and praise her. but i guess they’re all “away” being that tryouts are Friday. so they’re all Quiet.. next week its gonna be HECTIC though.

Shew Man, I’m good with it. Makes me feel Cool Points for me.

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