Monday, May 31, 2010

The K’s 2000 Class is making it happen.

Class of 2000 is really making things happen for their reunion. They’ve invited all classes to take part in 2 days of their Class Reunion Events. I guess you can call them the Super Class. They’re like the Last of the Old School and Leaders of the New School.

There was a meeting today at Sports Vue about the whole Thing, I didn’t attend but they wanted folks to be involved in an Alumni band to play for the it.  I hope somebody’s there to tape us!! lol. I bought a Shirt from Ricardo as seen in the picture Below.  I swear man I’m Proud to wear that shirt. it represents the Doc Years. the years i came up on. I always wanted one of them.  Our shirts were slightly different after 1997. i got there in 99, we had blue shirts,… the gold one is CLASSIC!! 

This Pic was taken with my cell….



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