Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Battle Was Amazing

Finally I get a chance to Blog about that whole experience.

(Photo: N.O. practice prior to battle)

In the past week we had band practices because Memphis and Houston’s band plotted to destoy us! LOL..  and well yeah. In the end, Memphis didn’t show. but Between Houston and N.O.  the Battle was great!.

While In Practice we heard stories, got lectured and did our thing as far as playing is consigned.  We Grew bigger every day up until the battle. folks had horn issues but we made it work. We had Black Shirts thus time around. that was cool.

It’s wild because scheduling was crazy. we had to figure it out in 3 days .. The venue changed about 8 times til the day. .. it was supposed to be in a yard TWICE but it rained.. so we used Behrman Middle’s Gym at the last minute.

Gip was down here hours prior to the battle. to get a peak of what we sounded like.. He was in there like “WOW!” lol

Before the battle, It Rained. so some folks were soaked. we had to get there on our own. some folks were mad. But it all worked out in the end.

I went over by my Houston folks and took alot of pictures  before an after.. The Battle went 10 Rounds I think I forgot to record some of it.

I was so glad to be amongst my people. some who I hadn’t  seen in Years. months & weeks. so I was happy.  so much went on that i cant really put in words. but My initial thoughts after the battle is that  Every Young Musician in N.O should have been there to see 2 Cities go at it and do it well. We’re gonna try to make it happen every year.

I’ll blog more on it later..

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