Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just Blabbering on..

It’s crazy how everybody’s still on it.

As I said in the last entry, I’m glad i got to see my people!.

I got a chance to meet Janelle my DSRT Sista! she’s going to marry T-Bone Edward. he should have been in the band. That’s good though.  I saw Janae aka Unique .. and “Big Al”  again..lol

My CB’s CS’s and my Fellow Band Bro’s & Sis’ like Daniel, Gizmo, Raph, J. Brooks and  so on…  them alog with my folks from Facebook and bandhead and all..lol

Brittany’s mom asked about Jaime..  OTHERS asked about Jaime..

I met P. Lowe.. She’s cool!

I talked to Jermani after the battle for a hot minute. I swear I’m going to miss seeing her with the Ocean. although we talk online and by phone, It might be the last time I’m going to see her in person in a long time…  She was one of the few people I used to chill with from time to time while I was out in Houston.  I had to give her a big and long hug b4 i left the building…   

So many people are asking me about her and the other girls.. but they weren’t ready for  that workout!

It’s wild..lol I’m happy  yet kinda sad because of it..


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