Sunday, July 04, 2010

I think its funny when folks throw internet parties

It’s one thing to hold a gathering or host a party. but I think it’s pretty much lame to have clubs promote social network hosted events when they really have nothing to do with the networks themselves.

in the past i’ve heard of myspace parties & club events.. but thistime they dun ghettofied Facebook/Twitter and even formspring .. I’ve heard of Twitter Tuesdays at a club. IMO its all a lame attempt at club promotion.  that’s all folks do on twitter facebook anyway is promote Themselves. I get tired of it..

no doubt i think lots of what they’re doing is cool. but the fact that they’re using these online entities as  Virtual Ghettos .. that aint cool

.. Look at this flier and tell me what sense does it make .. The photos vs the actual wording..

I get it.. but i

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