Sunday, July 04, 2010

That Fool Jaime just walked in here

Yeah man! My brother came back to the city for the 4th. i thought he’d  wait tll next week since that battle is underway. It’s gonna be some stuff. I think I’m gonna get on a horn this time.

But yeah man. I went to bestbuy to bring my nieces pc back yesterday. They kept it. it may be due today or tomorrow. My dad was in there talking a hole in an employee’s head.

I got a chance to experience a 3d HD TV. real nice! ..I was watching that Soccer game with Germany yesterday. .. not really but on the 3D TV i was.. oh yeah… that was some STUFF.


I also went to a place in walmart out in Harrahan called “VooDoo BBQ” there was a sandwich called a Big Jack.. I thought it would be Huge… No doubt it’s a good sandwich but it was Nothing as compared to a Jimmy Mack from Jimmy’s (if u don’t know, Jimmy owned a Corner store near the st. bernard projects. now he’s got the old spur on paris and de saix) ….. I could’ve gotten two Jimmy Mack meals for the price of that man

I’m out. I’m trying to round up alumni for next week. I need to head to sleep for a minute. I want to go to that SU alumni band picnic for a few minutes.. hopefully I can

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