Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I’m guessing It’s one of them thangs…

I realized that the countdown is on, but when I texted her about it. she said that she didn’t want to say much about it and that I’ll realize when the day comes.  At first i was thinking. it was school related. side from that, I assumed it regarded her relationship which really seems non existent at the moment. I’ve notices a few things that have made that decision already. especially realizing that she closed her myspace page. which had his name in the user handle.

Aside from that, on her FB page for the past month she’s been giving noticeable hints about her situation with him  *probably Noticeable to me because I talk to her about  those things*
From there I assumes that breaking up was the case.

At this point I go over to the dudes page and  even though i noticed this weeks ago. he’s still writing similar things like “i guess i’ll have to do this one on my own” … “I’m tired of this, it ends now” or “I think I lost her” . With that said. I think he should have saw this day coming because of situations he put her thru in the past.  Either way it goes, they both will be hurt because They had a strong bond.. its just that they both got grown. at this point Wants and Needs regarding their relationship and personal lives came in to conflict.    it was time.   that’s all i really can say about it.

The last time I talked to her in regard to those things. I just told her to do what she felt was right. I guess that she realized that they weren’t a unit of equals anymore.  I guess she did what was in her best interest. They’re both cool people. if the separation is final. i hope that eventually they remain friends.  because breaking up, although happens at an instant. is hard to do/go through.

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