Monday, July 26, 2010

Out of Boredom… This


Okay, I’ve been watching the News, Paying attention to Bonnie, Playing the Wii. Checking out Movies, Making DVD’s and So On and so Forth, These things have been keeping me occupied til the point that I really haven’t had time to blog about it and Here I am now.

This one will be kind of backwards or Mixed up, but anyway It’s  being said. LOL..
Yesterday My Cousins on my dads side stopped by. But I went to sleep .. didn’t bother to greet them or nor sit in their company. They came early. I slept the whole time. I’ve been up since maybe 3, Initially I got up at 11.  But it’s one of those things, I’ve been sleeping badly and waking up at weird times.

aside from that. I’ve been talking to Qui  since last week. It’s been 7 months and we’re already back on track. to be honest I feel that I owe her an apology. maybe she let all tat stuff go. but still. I think she deserves one. That’s my buddy.  She was telling me that she was trying to strengthen her immune system. so I told her that  I’ve been been taking a 14 day system cleanser I know its working. That’s a good thing.  It’s only been for a the past week although i’ve had them for a month now.

The sad part about it is that every time im eating or somebody asks me something. my dad makes mention of it because he doesn’t think I’m taking them. yet he has everything to say about my weight when I’m cooking.  I don’t like it but i guess he thinks its cool to tell me stuff about my weight. I’m like 305. If I could get back to 240 I’m good. But I’m not in a rush.  this man is quick to say “you gotta be active” .. I’m saying to myself. As Much as I havent been inside this summer, he’s trying to tell me what i need to do.  I know what to do. It’s just Time Restraints and what OTHER folks  do that Hinder my being .. lol

Aside from that. I’m getting all these Picture Texts from my Cousin who wants me to put all of his pictures on Facebook.. I’m like dude Im not uploading all that to my pc.. I should tell him i cant. he called me like 6 times in a row last week about that. yesterday I deleted them things from my phone.  It’s unnecessary. all he has to do is send the pics to his own email address. but Nope,. Too Dumb to do so..

My Dad bought some RGB Cables and They work, we just haven't figures out where. The sad part is that he’s been experimenting  with the computer in the main room. He really needs to get that sound card fixed. he hooked up external speakers to the front of the system but thats still not good. the thing has been bad since we got it.

There are things happening in America that seems crazy to me.  After watching a documentary about Infrastructure disasters, I turned on the News and there was a report about a waterman break which caused a sink hole. Aside from that there was the Dam Break  in Iowa.  Either it was coincidental to air a documentary like that.

2 days ago I got news that a Distant Cousin in the family died. from what i know she suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease. but I don’t know what her cause of death was,  This also reminds me that within their side of the family we had 2 other deaths a few month back. To be honest. I don’t really have any feeling behind it. To many Grown people I know of have died this past year. so It’s more like Dealing with it rather than having much to sob about. I know it hurts other family. but it’s part of life..

I’ll Blog Later There are other things I feel the need to write down.

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