Sunday, August 01, 2010

11 Picture Texts? Why?

Yesterday My Cousin hit me up via Txt at 7am “You Up” .. I didn’t respond. Note: I know he was going to my kinfolks Repast or whatever but I didn’t bother to answer the phone; Mainly because I wasn’t going.  So I’m here chillin’ today, minding my own business and I get these 11 Picture Texts from him. Why? Because he wants me to upload them to facebook for him.  .. C’mon dude!! I Volunteered the first time because you needed help. That doesn’t mean to send me pics every time you take it. I won’t be uploading all of that.

Last week he did the same thing. Pics of random girls he had in his phone. I just cut my phone off that time.. Today I took my battery out  in hopes that the pics don’t come through. well, they came through alright. All 11 of them.  Why?.

What I don’t get is, He can go on facebook from his phone, but he doesn’t know how to upload them directly to facebook from his phone.. That’s dumb.  I’m not  here to do favors for you.

5 years ago I was doing the same thing for him on Blackplanet. Uploading pic’s and writing answering messages. FOR WHAT??? Those girls don't want him. I sit up here and shake my head at how he writes to them or on their walls.  I’m going to delete all 11 of these pictures from my phone. I he doesn't realize that i have to download the pics to my pc b4 i put them on his page. He should be able to do this directly from his phone.. smh

I’m Out for now.

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