Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Mission Semi Complete

All I need to do is make my way to The Ocean to get that done. I talked to one of the assistants and I was actually shown pictures of the New Uniforms recently. I was asked not to post the pictures until an hour before the LDC.  so I won’t be doing that until then.

I asked if I could come and take a picture in a suit. although It wasn’t direct answer. it was slightly okayed.  He’s going to let me know when I am able to do that. So I said. that I’ll get with him him next time I make my way around the school.  Once that happens I’ll call up J so she can show up to take a few pictures with me. hopefully that will happen soon. and then the Mission will be complete.

With that said, She’s my only real option from a friendship standpoint. There’s no current dancer that I would really want to take a picture with. Maybe P.Lowe because she’s cool. If i had to choose one from my era it would be Val or J. and because I’m close friends with J. she’s first preference by default.

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