Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Aight, for a while now my dad has been stressing and has made it clear many times that he thinks that i should start taking this computer basics course that they went through a while back. because i’m so good with these things.  He thinks that they’ll probably hire me if i were to go and show them that I’m already skilled. I honestly don’t think it’ll work that way.

In a way I wouldn’t mind because I’ll be out of the house. on the other end. I’ve thought people how to do this stuff. and I dont think there’s any real certification involved with this course.  yet that's what my dad assumes. 

My only question is, Why should i go and take up something i already know? in a way I don’t need approval. that may sound  big headed of me. but I’m serious. when it comes to the basics and common sense issues concerting PC's. I’m  well off.. I think it would bore me to death if I was taking a course learning how to do things i already know how to do.

As for me. there are things that I want to do that i can’t do but i really don’t appreciate being told that i should take a basics course by someone who took this course already and still needs my help when doing things.  I’m Tired of waiting to be honest. I’m tired of being here. I want to begin my life again to the aspect of making money and saving. during my time in Houston. I felt like i ran the show, here I'm just being somebody to lean on. and I don’t like it. at this point. when I make this move. It’s going to be a Shift in every bodies plate. and they’re gonna start blaming me for everything. but I won’t care. because at that point they’re all going to realize how they’ve been using me.

I will say something when it’s my time to say it. but it’s going to be after I do what i have to do to make an impact in my home.

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