Saturday, August 28, 2010

I’m glad I have folks to discuss those matters with.

I’ve talked to a number to a few friend regarding the last entry I made as well as some other personal believes of mine. as those folks shared theirs. and I appreciate the discussion.. I’m glad I have folks who I can openly discuss this with on a personal level. because generally as Christians we’re all on the same path.

After talking to mike about a past situation involving a similar ordeal. both he and myself felt the same way. Not to Mention our denomination because it’s best to believe in and discuss the whole bible, not just part of it.

A Day ago while discussing it with Ben, although our conversation was Brief. He basically mentioned other scriptures in different books pertaining to the manifestation of it all.

Like Me, these guys are Apostolic Pentecostals one is a  Minister, the other is my best friend as a child who grew up in a Pentecostal church, (not the one i went to) ..

Generally though, as I said in the beginning. I’m glad I have those folks to discuss these matters. because it help me continue my walk in faith.

Tomorrow I plan on blogging on some other things.

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