Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Many Things In the News Today

Of Course Katrina 5 Years Later is the Main Topic of discussion, and I’ve been watching not only the News, but the many Documentaries surrounding the Federal Disaster All Week. I will speak on that later on.

If Not only that, They’re discussing Hurricanes. and The Gulf Coast.. and even the Flooding in Pakistan….

Idiots are attacking…

The Egg Recall is being discussed on the Situation Room. Where’s Blitzer?

Everyone is Rallying. for something today Why? Because it marks the 47th Year of the MLK Speech. and everybody is discussing Some type of Freedom around these parts. If Not Racial or Religious it’s all Political Concerns. and In My Opinion. They’re using the opportunity to Benefit themselves.

umm.. yeah Wars.. and all that mess. I’ll be back..

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