Sunday, August 29, 2010

5:55 am on the 5th Anniversary of Katrina

(yeah that’s the timestamp of the moment i started writing this entry)

In the past month leading up to this day I’ve reflected on My Experiences in and around Katrina with Loved ones as well as Via my blog… Although most were offline discussions. I’m glad we all can reflect on it as a defining moment of many things.

So much has changed since Katrina, but it’s changed for the better. Much of it I don’t fully agree with, but the systems in place are working for the best of what Is now. What we did in the past is gone and although there are things we struggle with daily because of it. We live our lives looking to the a brighter future.

The Irony is that My Cousin Tandra and some of her kids today, They were also with us during Katrina.  Today they visited because I offered to fix her PC.  She came at around 6or 7 and left after 2am. we reflected on Katrina and the loss of her Husband and also everything else we lost and gained since then. Tandra is my Cousin whose Husband died in the Flood. To think back on that is sad. but The memories we have of him even leading up to his death is still with us.

I wrote on my Facebook page earlier saying I Thank All who took the time out to assist me and my family.  and my one Year in Houston was amazing too.. I appreciate it all myself, For Me, Moving Back was was hard for me, yet very easy for my parents. at this time we ran out of funds to keep us stable so we had to move back.

For me, Since we’ve gotten back. I kind of put myself in a situation that  I shouldn’t be in. I’m at an attempt to fix that. But I’m still hopeful of my Future. There are things that I want to have and Need to do in order to make my End personal strife. Hopefully this will happen before 2011.

Today In Celebration there will be a load of events. I actually want to go out. but the weather says otherwise. if i don’t I’ll just make the hotdogs and stay inside to blog some more.

Hurricane Katrina Changed The Gulf Region Forever.

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