Thursday, September 23, 2010

Imagery Once More

In Continuation of the Last Entry…
These Images are random Facebook uploads.

Here you have METRO, Houston’s bus line. I uploaded this simply because It was the bus i rode to work faithfully. The only one that got me to work and back home. it took nearly 4 hours to do so. (Traffic)

Texas Southern Tuba Section Reference

A Classic photo of Sarah T. Reed’s band from the 90’s. I don’t know who took it, but it’s nice.

Edward H. Phillips Jr. High – This picture’s actually a screen shot from Google’s Street view.
The school is torn down now. I have pictures of it too



If Photoshop wasn’t a software it’s likely it would look similar to this.

“Out there’ huh!

A Fool I banned multiple times for that Katrina remark as well as some other offensive stuff in regard to the man that band was put in place for.

Gerard Howard’s Photography as they were posted on the old marchingsport site.
All three were taken in the late 90’s and were being marketed as Free wallpapers
SU, JSU, TxSU Dance teams

Radio Activity, a Tuba part as I wrote it in Noteworthy Composer.

The Crapture: this comes from one of my favorite sites.

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