Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Where I Belong

You know, I tried to have a good time tonight by myself. I managed to slightly enjoy myself. I saw some unnecessary mischief that slightly ruined my night. but after getting side tracked and  found a spot to chill. and I managed to stay there until maybe 11pm. luckily  I was close to the street i live on. The only bad thing about That is… after attempting to wait for the bus .. and a No Show. I began to walk down. My dad called at about 11:45 and picked me up on North Johnson.  …. What A Relief My Legs were killing me by then.

Before all that. I made it out to the Parade site at about 3 with my brother, He decided to go with his friends. My sister and Nieces decided to attend the parade too.. With that said. although I’m disappointed at some of the Marching bands I saw. I managed to get some good footage in though. The parade stopped for a while which allowed me to catch up to my sisters. but i decided to stay out of course assuming that TBC would be playing

I decided to hit up Canal where Kids were running around like crazy.. other than that there were no other disturbances. I witnessed a guy get Knocked out on by the wall greens in the quarters. Police and EMS saw him laying there and passed him clean up. it was funny but It was also sad.

Prior to leaving the area I got me 2 Krystal Burgers, Talked to my dad, (this was around 9) i told him I’d be on my way home after i Eat…(he was still at work, watching the saints game) ..but as for me, After walking down Bourbon for so many blocks, I turned on a random side street.. where the Young Fellaz Brass Band was playing (I know the members of that band of course) so they asked me to chill..and for about an 30 minutes outside of the pub. There was a woman with Tape on her face looking like Groucho Marx (but without the eyebrows) she was like “I Remember You, do u remember me” ..LOL NOPE!

Otherwise lol yeah I stayed there, watched them & recorded the scene as the saints win their season opener. that was pretty nice. . they stayed out til maybe 11:20 and ShowTime was over.  what's funny is that they ran into the brass band I had recorded earlier.

Although today I had a reason to be out there, the “Night Life” thing is just not for me. not even chillin; in a club.. I think I'd have to be with and around people or an environment that is Lively. yet somehow involves me. Like the Parade. or even recording the brass band. 

Aside from all of that. I had no way home. until i walked and was picked up by my dad. it almost makes me feel that no mater how many people Need me, or want my assistance; nobody is willing to give let me a hand when I need it.  to be Honest. I ignore it until I’m actually in a situation where I may need someone.

To end this, as I said in the Title, Out there Isn’t for me. I can do with out it. I’d rather go home or something after getting what I need  or what's necessary.  in a way, Bayou Classic nights or parades, are a different story. I actually appreciate that environment. lol.

It’s not easy being me. but I try. and I love myself.  I’ll  be attending the McDonogh 35 vs. St. Aug game. as for now, I may call Kandace and talk to her until i fall asleep. Other than that. I’ll be listening to Pandora.

My Legs Hurt. LOL I’ll to try get that footage on later.  speaking of that.. yeah I NEED a new  Camera.. I’m aiming for a Nikon. My Fuji’s Totaled.

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