Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big Day today at the K

After a 2 weeks of waiting the big day is here., The Last Big Celebration to be held outside of my Alma Mater. I can’t wait too!

Since The 9th I’ve uploaded videos to YouTube that folks are in love with. some said they’ve even cried. in fact, I myself even shed some tears watching the complete video of my walk Inside the school. Hopefully I’ll get to do that again today. I’ll try to buy a shirt or two while I’m out there. hopefully everyone will be more willing to be on camera. this should be fun.

The Image above resembles the last form of Identification Card. we had at The K.  It had the School year, Name, and Classification. the difference is, Beneath the Bar Code, there were no numbers.  Those numbers are  the dates of JFK’s Birth and Death.  the year is set to the date the school opened and closed.  

I still have to post the rest of those videos to my wall as well. I’ll do that sometime in the upcoming week.

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