Thursday, October 07, 2010

This New Version of Windows Live Essentials is great

Aside from the fact that the 2011 edition does not work on XP It’s great. I really need to get a new laptop with with Windows 7 OS just so I can use this software on my own time.

It’s great on XP but so much has been fixed in this 2011 I think it should have been XP compatible all together or atleast allow me to update Writer. because I mainly use Writer and Live Movie maker (which is also Greater now)

Here’s a Screenshot of what I’m working with.


As you can see I also have the movie maker open too. I’ve tried Live Mail too. BETTER THAN OUTLOOK! yeah man.. Microsoft is learning to be more Social. the only thing that sucks are the apps on the windows live essential apps & plugin’s page. It’s similar to the plugin’s and add-on’s for IE, They’re not as user friendly as the stuff that comes with the program itself.

Otherwise, I’m Lovin’ It!

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