Thursday, October 07, 2010

Using Site Admins to get over? That Aint cool

There’s a Member of the band site who’s been creating extra screen names to smack on the forum. He’s been at it for a while, there was even a point where someone complained about him harassing them at that point nearly every name he had I have banned along with other members 2nd & 3rd names. but this time I think it just got dumber.

The Dude complained to Gerard (site owner) about being called names (or Exposed) by other members. This is long after countless times he’s taken part in smack threads…. at this point. a co-admin came on to delete the thread… In rebound another user asked why was the thread deleted.  Of course it was explained that Gerard Wanted the thread deleted because the behavior is unacceptable.

Generally, Anything Goes as long as it doesn’t become a problem… at this point it became a problem… why? not only did he ask for the thread to be deleted. but in the 2nd thread he decided to come back and Celebrate as if he won a prize .. Bragging how Gerard and Danny (my co-admin) saved the day.

That was a like sign of him switching gears. because he came back to smack  more, creating another username and everything. After banning and tracing that name back to Facebook I thought to myself “why?” ya know….. .. Why Complain to admins when you’re the one enticing the troubles that come to you? it makes no sense at all

I would Ban his main account but he’d to nothing but complain about it to come back on.

I guess he feels like he’s being bullied. smh..  I don’t know what else to say about it.

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