Monday, November 15, 2010

Folks don’t think before they put stuff online

So I was informed that Messy Mya was dead, I typed it in google and there was a photo of his dead body circulating on twitter.  I was like WHY?.. it’s not what i was looking for but it’s just evil of anyone to do that not only the killing. but the photo too.

I also saw the articles about the shooting in the 7th ward. I think its all sad. because nobody deserves to die lie that.

by the looks of it. via twitter there’s a blame game going on too. The News reports didn’t release any detail but the people are putting it out there. some are doing it for the wrong reasons and i think its sad.

I don’t understand how our people can be so cruel to one another. The guy was a comedian and was well known for his videos on youtube. all he was doing was attending a baby shower. celebrating fatherhood and was killed.

It’s just terrible, man. I didn’t know him personally, but I feel that it was a heartless and disrespectful thing to do. … to anyone for that matter.

Stop the violence and stop the ignorance people of N.O.

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