Monday, November 15, 2010

How was my day? It was Okay.

So I went to this battle. got in late, but I’m good, I got to see some at least 6 bands perform the whole show. but this was the first time i was upset by the way things were.
Their were artist and comedians performing. cool. that’s normal. the bad part was the level of security. 

Normally I’d be able to walk as i please and take pictures or whatever. today I had to go through security. it slowed me down a little bit. but I managed to get what i wanted.

I got a  shout out from Wild Wayne in there. it was cool. The bands were great. Southern performed. So many folks are asking for pics and videos. lol more will be up tomorrow

After the battle I got a Call from “STUPID” because he was mad that i didnt tape the band he was with. smh. unnecessary.

iono man but I’m done with it.. I really am.. I’ll expound in my next blog..

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