Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

fam842Ahh man, So In the past 2 days I’ve managed to find a load of nostalgia on to Facebook.
I ran across pictures from old Ebony and Jet Magazines dating back to the 60’s with bands and auxiliary photography.  They were amazing.  There was even a picture from FAMU’s First televised performance.  I also found pictures of Jackson State’s band from the 30’s with their first director Dr. Holly. it was amazing to me. I posted it all on Facebook.

Before that I actually stirred up controversy with information from the 90’s regarding TSU’s trip to Japan, a director contacted me and asked why’d I post the information. I told him that I felt that folks who bring it up don’t really know what happen. I’d rather have them know the kind of things that were said than to speculate.  It’s not that bad it happened nearly 20 years ago.

There’s also the recent HBO special on Black college bands about hazing that’s a hot topic right now. I don’t think its going to do any more damage to Sothern's bands reputation that it had during the time it happened. The band has moved beyond it. the most it could do is make potential sponsors stray away. I’ll be watching that.

On to other things. I have a photo slideshow I need to complete. I had actually completed it already. but the person I’m doing this for wanted to add 2 more pics to the slideshow. so I’m gonna wait til I get them.. that if she didn’t put them in the mail box.. I’ll check that in a minute.

I’m off…

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