Friday, November 05, 2010

SUNO Parade Photos 2010

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McMain seems to be the band on the streets these days, they’re a “young” band just pressing on, but they’re doing big things now days.  They lead the parade.. technically behind Southern’s Royal Jewels dance team. but I’m loving what Tod’s doing over there.

I talked to Lo out there, he was telling me about a plan to have the JFK Alumni band to come together with a retirement event for Doc because he’s never had one. and because we see him as a Legend, he deserves it

I enjoyed St. Mary’s Enthusiasm, they’re getting better.

Behrman is looking decent size wise. not powerful but well balanced. I’ll post videos of them all.

I wouldn’t have went hadn’t it been for tramline… he was supposed to come roll with me but he decided to stay home claiming he over slept .. .. MAN I SHOULD”VE WENT TO SOUL TRAIN !!! lol I’m good

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