Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vimeo | New Orleans

I typed in New Orleans on’s search engine to see what I’d come up with.  So far I’ve seen videos on folks time here. others are just common city treasures caught on camera.

I’ll share my thoughts on the videos posted in this entry.

New Orleans from Daniel Xavier on Vimeo.

The To Be Continued Brass Band is always Jazzin’ it ip on the corner of Bourbon and Canal.

New Orleans from Heritage Research Institute on Vimeo.

Katrina Discussion taking place. The Order & Chaos that occurred… partly because of Marshal Law. and how or why it could have been prevented or better taken care of.

New Orleans from Nazneen Zahan on Vimeo.

This one is about financial support donated from small Islamic country called Quatar in support of rebuilding New Orleans.  That’s wild to me.

Butlers in New Orleans 2009 from Brian Butler on Vimeo.

I Love how this video was shot, A family’s New Orleans Experience. makes me want to go out and see the sights. LOL

Unmasking New Orleans from Wolf on Vimeo.

THIS IS TRUTH!!…….That’s all I can say to that!  I talked to my boy Josiah about something similar a while back.’s just one of those things man I believe the East should come back strong too. but hey that guy 100% on point about seeing a river that looked like it was trained..  yeah man… folks just seem to want to build where they want to build…but hey. it’s one of those things we have to live with.

Preservation Hall | New Orleans from Tim Barbini on Vimeo.

Don’t have much to say about this. but hey it’s nice..

GROOVY 7 | NEW ORLEANS from Prodigy Media Group on Vimeo.

I’m loving the way this video was shot.

New Orleans Street Performers from Bruce Clarke on Vimeo.

Never saw these guys before…lol wow..

well that’s it for now..

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