Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally, Yet I still need more rest

My stomach was was killin me so much over night I stayed up til it stopped. I think it was more gass related than anything though.  But I haven't been eating right. alot of microwaved stuff. it's just bad for you. I weighed myself and it was way too much. 311, nah man I gotta lose!.  Yeah, I think It's because of everything i've been snackin' on. and the chicken I had yesterday just triggered the whole thing off..

While Awake earlier yesterday I managed to do the promo video for the HUMB & NOAASB upcoming BOTB.  that's cool.  I was asked to come to the NO band practice to do a documentary style thing. I only declined due to my own transportation reasons and my stomach was hurting so bad i didn't feel like saying yeah..lol Aside from that. I got a call from Buddy, Dude's a commedian and wants me to gig with him. I'll attempt at doing that. It reminds me that State Trooper was supposed to call me.. but It's nothin..

My Mom & older brother got the kids some gifts. mainly money for the older ones and a a nice toy for the youngest.  that boy has a yamaha keyboard.. lol that's good. the one I have, I had since high school from radio shack.. I never really playedit myself. My brother uses it now more than ever.

After 2 days of not sleeping I managed to get 4 hours in. I missed RAW but I'm good. I can watch SmackDown and Tribute to the Troops Teusday & Wednesday...

I'm Good for now
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