Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Crime Season

In the Past 2 month, on the news, all over the city, there were Burglaries Robberies and Murders. Every week on the news it’s been the same.  Folks out here living their lives dodging bullets, others seem to be getting caught up in the crossfire. it happens all the time, but when it happens to notable people. folks start complaining.  Not even a Month after Messy Mya got killed; Magnolia Shorty it’s a shame.

With those deaths came twitter trending topics, Facebook threads, forum discussions and youtube videos of people saying they’re fed up with crime and murder in the city.  This commonly occurs when notable folks die that way. But what about all the sons & daughters of everyday people that die the same way?  it’s like nobody cares unless it hits home.

It’s upsetting mainly because most of the time it’s children & teenagers and everyday people minding their own business.  Everybody’s fed up with the crime in this city. that’s why its getting reported more. that’s why the people are speaking out now.. Too much is going on N.O. we gotta do better in the future.

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