Friday, December 24, 2010

I ain't tryin' to play you, but can't do much for ya

Follks who know me seem to always want things done for free.  Usually when I go out and tape events. I post my clips on youtube., but folks tend to want DVD's so I sell them for $10 & or more depending on the event.  I have no problem giving away footage. but the truth of the matter is, I need cash for the supplies i need to create the medium. folks don't tend to get that.

Last saturday morning I got a call from Tramaine asking asking if I was gonna come tape a middle school drum battle. I told him no. 3 weeks before, my answer was I that I wasn't sure... It just so happens that, i was up all night that Friday and hadn't gotten any sleep. So he called at 9 that saturday morning and said. "come tape the battle for me.." .. I told him no because i didn't get any sleep. He feels that I don't wanna do anything for him and yeah it's true. because he always wants things for free.

I also turned it down because I don't know how to get out there to the school he's at. I told him to call me back when he gets me a ride over there. .. I didn't get a call. so i went to sleep. ... so 2 or 3 days pass and the Hype about the upcoming Mass band battle is underway.   The Director of the houston band asked me if I'd put something on the front of so I did the video... The same day. the Director of the N.O. band asked if I'd come and do a Documenary, I turned that down.. because i had stomach pains. but i told him that I was putting a video to prote the battle on the band site. so he was like "Cool"..

Lo & Behold the Very next day after the video's up.  Tramaine sends me a Txt and calls but I didn't answer because of course I was sleeping.. the Text said "You down bad for that S***"  .. I already knew what it was about so I didn't respond.. 

Later that day I got of facebook and he sends me a messege in chat talking about "so you didn't come to tape my s*** but you breakin your neck to do  that all star sh***, how you gon do me like that" ... I told the dude that I had all the time in the world to prepare for this.. He called me on a day where my battery's not charged and woyldn't be charged in time.... This dude doesn't realize that I have a way to get to this battle.  and nobody asked me to do it... and besides, I'd rather tape something people are willing to pay to see.

This Battle is for grown folks, it's way Bigger than some middle school stuff. and besides.. who would really watch them drummers., he always think he's gonna get a free DVD. but I'm done with that. no DVD is walking out here free. Nobody gives me nothin....Last time i went to an event, he wanted me to see the junk was stupid and he didn't show up.. that was stupid too.

Can't be mad at ,me because i have choices.
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