Friday, December 24, 2010

When It’s Crime In N.O. Why Mention The Obvious?

Over night 6 people were shot, 3 died.  Terrible..I read the article here at WWLTV’s site. That’s when I saw this comment…
Now Obviously we all know this. Here in N.O. We all know that Majority of the crime is Black on Black, there’s no need to specify the races unless it’s an odd case where the suspects or victims or of different races.  When These things happen in black neighborhoods, it’s obviously going to be Black on Black violence. Nobody is denying it, nor overlooking it. It’s common to hear the race of a person when an unidentified body is found or A suspect is on the run. 
It would be Different if the crimes were involving more than one race. Then it would automatically looked upon as a  be a hate crime.  Yet in many ways all crimes are Hate crimes. simply because No crime is done out of love.
The only Truth about Most of the crime is that it’s drug related. that’s been said many times. You can’t blame it on the Projects because they’re not there anymore.  Without them, what used to be Centralized crime is now spread all over the city. IMO There’s no reason for any public official in this city to come out and say “The Black People are doing it”…  No matter how true that is, in a city majority black. The Racial Demographic of Criminal activity is Obvious.
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