Thursday, December 16, 2010

It’s that level of excitement

When I’m out taking pic the photo’s one of a kind, but when I put it online for folks to see. It makes me feel good when they see their picture and like it. It’s why I do what I do.

I don’t get paid, nor do I ever ask for money. I do think about it because I’m always on call to do things for free. No doubt it’s always my pleasure. I post them online for them to be used freely. but sometimes I feel that I should be credited for what I’ve done or contributed to.

Generally, when you post a photo online, it’s going to be seen and used by anyone anyhow even when you watermark it.
<--- That photo for example. the full size image is great quality to be printed. but if you print it it will have my name big as all out doors.  But EASILY it can be shopped out. at that point the photo isn’t original but you still have the image to use.

If you look at a news paper, no mater what the photo is for, there will be a photo credit. there. yet those guys get paid for their photos. It reminds me now that why G. Howard said he doesn’t post his photos.  His photos have been used in all kinds of work without his permission and it surprises him sometimes that at lots of these events nobody knows who he is, yet he’s responsible for images used to highlight some of the events he attends.

For me. I don’t mind my photos being used, but to know what, where and how the photo is being used is always my concern.  Most of the time these situations are great. but it’s like just incase someone asked .. its like “yeah I took the pic” .. where’s the proof? .. well. I do have the original.. I know my pics when I see them. but others wouldn’t have a clue.
It wont be an issue unless somebody else is takes a claim to it.

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