Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whoa! Sorry about that one.

The Entry regarding seeing the B. Franklin photo, shocked and upset the lady responsible for the exhibit/memorial. The reason is because In the Original entry I stated some things that weren’t necessarily made clear.  Although I was able to talk to her. about it. I still didn’t get it out the way I wanted to, so I’ll attempt at redeeming myself here.

When Ms. Williams read it, she asked why would I want to be credited or paid? because they’re not selling the photo, nor making money nor getting any publicity from the photo. By phone she also said that it shouldn’t matter if I’m credited or not. because it’s a memorial, and I totally understand where she was coming from.

On my part, I’m Glad to know that somehow I contributed to something so great. I told her that I was happy to see it and that I love it.   My only issue, which isn’t a big problem at all was photo credit. I was responsible for the image so I felt that I should at least be credited for it somehow.  Ms. Williams insisted that I should have watermarked it. because when a photo is on Facebook it’s subject to free use. and I totally understand that because I say myself. 

The reason I put in in the memorial group is so it can be used. Fact: when the group was made, they asked for photos so that it can be posted in Brandon's obituary.  at that point though also there were publications who sent me messages via Facebook asking if they could use the photo.  of course I said Yes because it represented Brandon.  did they have to ask?  No,  but I’m glad they did because that way I know where the photo is being used.

At the end of the entry I said “makes me want to start charging folks” My intention on saying that was not in regard to Brandon. I shouldn’t have said it within the lines of mentioning the photo of him.  My reason for mentioning that is because I take lots of photos,  folks ask to use my photos all the time and I appreciate it. but I’ve never been paid for any photos I’ve taken.  I’ve never sold a photo to anyone. but someday I do plan on doing so. 

When folks ask for my photos, it makes me feel like my work is worthy of being sold. my Folks tell me that I shouldn’t put so many photos online.  But I do it for the people who Do what they Do.  when folks want to buy, I Give them the photo because I don’t feel the need to sell it.   Recently  a few people asked me for the original copies of photos I had taken of them 2 years ago so they can have the photos in large print. I gladly gave them the original un-cropped version to have that done.

With that being said; My only reason for writing the original entry is that when I saw my photo at the McKenna Museum, I felt a different kind of assurance toward my own ability to snap photos.  It’s like,“Wow! a photo I snapped is in a museum!” That’s Wild (amazing) to me.  I’m just glad to know that a photo of mine was a contribution to memorialize a man that meant a lot  to a lot of people.

it does sounds pretty selfish of me to have to wanted credit for it. and I’m sorry that I made Ms. Williams upset. At the end of our conversation I told her that I’m okay with the photo being there because it’s all for a good reason. that’s all that really matters.

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