Thursday, December 09, 2010

Just A Random Entry

Today’s Thursday, But you already know that. I’m still here getting these Bayou Classic clips done. so many folks want a DVD and I haven’t got around to finishing it up yet. To Be Honest, I’m near done and have posted the stuff online. but they insist on having the footage in hand. therefore I’m selling it for $20. The stuff is Time consuming man. It’s about that time I make a profit.

I’ve uploaded a load of Wrestling tracks I’ve managed to find online. along with some I’ve bought off the market. It’s crazy man.

Facebook’s changed their profile pages, I like them.


Folks have been asking how to get their pages like mine it’s Automatic! lol

Ahh Man! whats yp with the BIG DUDE on RAW! … he reminds me of Test, but bigger.. I guess its because of “How” the guy debuted more than how he looks. but the dude was big!.

I have an alumni party to hit up tomorrow, I hope folks from my class come.
Folks seem to appreciate my footage from the game too!

I was watching this yesterday and I thought Charlie Rose was funny. asking questions he figured Jay-Z would give a direct answer too.


Jay Z Ribbed him about white people saying “2 Pack” in reference to 2 Pac… that was funny.
Lately I’ve been watching a lot of movies. This reminds me to turn on HBO now…. I can wait.

I’ve been watching a lot of news lately. Things such as the Henry Glover Case to the Wiki Leaks situation, as well as the  girl who was beaten to death. crazy world we live in. shame.

Feels like a Master Craftsmen! lol

Man I gotta get in school and get degreed up. I’m knowledgeable of lots  of things, I just don’t have a degree to back it up. I’ll look in to that.  I’m not trying to stunt like others I just need it to live.

Visual Communications, Mass Communications, Computer Science and Information Systems.
Those are my interest. I Must Do Them All!!

I’ve been Tweeting and Facebooking up a storm lately, I’ll have to chill with that and express more of my thoughts through this blog. Really!

That Had nothing to do with anything. LOL I’m out for now..

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