Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Entry of 2010

and with that said, I’ll make this as random as possible.

It’s going to be like 5 whole years since I had this blog 2011 being the beginning of 6.

My blackberry’s energy drains so fast, I don’t know how it’s gonna last tomorrow.
I asked my sister for a battery and back piece. hopefully she’ll let me have them.

Just Opened a Letter from Lakewood church,  Joel Osteen’s 30  Thoughts for Victorious living. I’ll check it out. my brother must have had it sent here. My mom got the same letter too.

I know I mentioned this the other day. but, tomorrow I’ll be across that water watching them bands go head to head.  I can’t wait to see my folks coming from Texas. I should have Texted Jermani today, I’ll be glad to see her.

Oh well at this moment it’s 2011 in NY.…. I got like an hour.. I guess this will be the last entry of 2010

I was up playing Smackdown Vs Raw 2009, I made the 3 faces of Foley. I may have to record it and post it online

Man Yesterday Smokey asked me what software I used for editing videos, I told him, as well as declined on helping him editing. because its time consuming. I may have to give him the roxio 2010 because 2010 wont be compatible with his system. the only problem with that is HD encoding isn’t going to happen for him with it.

I also let him know how faulty the program is and he’d do better using windows movie maker. It’s similar to the XP version anyway. yet stronger ya know.

I would call Qui or Kandace to open the new year, but usually that’s the time where we get in here and say a prayer to ring it in.

I’ve been tweeting up a storm. at this point I’ll share a few of my recent with you. In Color

Here Goes The Tweets.  (mostly the ones that got replies to)

  • I hope all my future baby's mamas, hunnies, wives , ex's and future ex's have a prosperous 2011. Lol they know who they are lol
  • If I was everything you wanted me to be. I'd no longer be myself.
  • When I get married I'm gonna unleash the dragon upon my future wife lol
  • if your twitter bio says you're light skinned .. you need to wake up..
  • Cuteness doesn't last forever Think about that.
  • "white people" aren't "white" but it's their only choice on the census, other "races" have multiple choice. think about that....
  • If a Mixed girl has a baby with a mixed dude. does that make their child Remixed? #imjustsayin
  • smh at them girls saying they want a Corporate Thug, .. SLAVE MENTALITY
  • Jessica Rabbit has one eye.. think about that...
  • #youlookgoodbut you cant read
  • Time exists because my realities are measured.
  • Human Connectivity has alot to do with a persons Aura, Our negative and positive energies Contract and Expand depending on our surroundings
  • #iprefer them The Motion of The Ocean over the Dancing Dolls .LOL
  • I don't get tumblr. I know what it's for, but folks are using it like it's twitter. it's actually a mobile blog, not a microblogging site
  • Perception allows you to foresee a possible solutions to possible problems
  • if you are following any kardashian i will unfollow you
  • folks divorces because they're not married in the minds.
  • #thatawkwardmomentwhen I smashed the whole tuba section and cats were like "i didn't know that boy could play like that" lol
  • a lot of those who consider themselves to be enlightened and awake aren't nearly as awake as they would like themselves to be.
  • #inNewOrleans Music is 2nd to God
  • You create your reality through your perception.
  • Deny ignorance.
  • There are no rules in art or entertainment
  • smh, Proof of a living slave.
  • My Minds Telling me no... But your Mother.. Your Mother is telling me yes!!
  • Hip Hop is more than rap
  • The Paper Bag test is alive and well .. smh at these folks who call themselves light skinned
  • Promoting "proper" english is the reason louisiana dialects are disappearing rapidly
  • Such a long way to go!...
  • a white or Black person could be of any nationality. but an African-American is a Descendant of African Slaves born in the US
  • I'm not egotistical at all, but I do love myself.
  • what's your nationality, I'm a Citizen of the Universe
  • there is only darkness where light can not reach.
  • it's federal citizenship. By Corporate Law you are American
  • When someone dies, There's a shift in the Conscious of those aware of that persons death. Why? because it then becomes their reality.
  • I once received mail addressed to "Book Bookman" but that's not my
  • I am going to leave this place for good someday.. I need to breathe
  • Your online identity is only a digital version of your mental and physical self . It is not you but it represents your being
  • Be careful what you focus on. Keep control over your own mind
  • When you see me,, you get the real me every time except for when i'm online. at that point I am only represented in digital form. lol
  • Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.. <--- #EBONICS!
  • We're Assigned "Colors" at Birth. if you're Mexican and you move to USA you practically get to choose which "color" you want to be.
  • Jeremiah 13:15-17
  • are they ready for the awakening? .. nah they aint ..
  • In Music there's C-Clef G-Clef, F-Clef and Wyclef
  • The presence of the lord is here!
  • Santa Claus is coming To Town.... He's Climbing in your window He's Snatching yo people up.... he sees u in da bathroom, playing with ur nuts
  • If all of them was just one person lawd that would be perfect for me lol. Lol
  • Finding the questions is what drives us all to the answers.
  • You can have all the answers with no understanding but you can still have understanding without all the answers.

I Need to do full blogs regarding some of that stuff..

That’s all I have for now…


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